Sleep Lab to Come Up in Vizag Soon

Sleep Lab
Sleep Lab Andhra Medical College Vizag

With all the required equipments and facilities, the government will soon set-up a sleep lab in Andhra Medical College-King George Hospital. A day long workshop was conducted in Andhra Medical College (AMC) seminar hall on Sunday, for the same.

Around 70 doctors and delegates attended the workshop including post graduate doctors and assistant professors from the departments of pulmonary medicine, neurology, physiology, general medicine, and ENT. Doctors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, gave sessions on various topics related to sleep disorder and also discussed to what extent knowledge about sleep disorder can be included in the medical curriculum and different ways to control and manage sleep disorder.

Chief Guest of the workshop and Director of Medical Education (DME) Dr K Babji said that the order has been placed for the device for polysomnography used to find sleep pattern of patients by recording their brain waves.

Reportedly, speaking about the same, principal of AMC Dr PV Sudhakar said, “The sleep lab would be set up in the super-specialty block, probably attached to the neurology department. The patients complaining of sleep related issues would be put to sleep and the polysomnography machine would be connected to the patient. Thus sleep pattern can be traced through ECG-like graphs and cases of sleep apnoea or breathing difficulty while sleeping can also be found. Accordingly, treatment can be undertaken either through surgery or through altered lifestyle.”

Feature Image Credit: Huffington Post

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