14 places every tourist must see in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

14 places to see in Vizag for every tourist

#1 The Beaches

Within the city, Rama Krishna Beach is a long lovely stretch of sea and sands. There are various statues, the Kali Temple, the Ramakrishna Ashram, the Submarine Museum, the Visakha Museum, War Memorial to soldiers of the 1971 war – ‘Victory at Sea’, TU-142 Museum and other attractions along the beach road. A little further on, the Rushikonda Beach is popular amongst locals and tourists as the sea at this beach is safest to bathe or surf, though precaution is always advised. The Government-owned Punnami Resorts offer rooms at reasonable rates for tourists. The 14th century Sri Saptha Rusheswara Temple surrounded by seven hills is located in Rushikonda. Another serene beach in Vizag is the Yarada Beach, a fabulous beach with an exotic blend of golden sands and the lush green stretch of hills. Nestled between the hills on all the three sides and the Bay of Bengal on one side, this beach is an ideal spot for a day out.

#2 Boat rides in RK beach

Feeling the spray of the sea as the boat slices through the azure blue waters is one of the many enticements Vizag offers. APTDC conducts boat rides from two locations in Vizag. Extremely popular with locals as well as tourists, rides on ‘Visakha’ boat from the fishing harbour covering the view of the beautiful coastline and the city from the sea. The boat rides are conducted from 9 am to 5 pm and pick up is arranged from the RK beach on a bus resembling boat adding excitement ahead. For those who love speed, APTDC offers speed boat rides from the Rishikonda, the exciting beach locale of Vizag. Private boats also carry tourists into the sea but it is better to avoid them as the safety precautions are questionable.

#3 Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin’s Nose, a mammoth rocky headland of about 174 metres high, is situated in the southern part of Visakhapatnam city. The rock resembles a dolphin’s nose is nicely placed at an altitude of 358 metres with its projection to the Bay of Bengal in Visakhapatnam. This elevated rock is also the site for a powerful lighthouse highly useful for the shippers with a light beam that can be seen as far as 64 km out at sea.

#4 Tyda

Tyda, an eco-tourism haven is about 40 km from Araku Valley lies in the Eastern Ghats. At an altitude of 1520 ft above sea level, it is a great spot for treks in the hills, bird watching, tracking, a bit of wildlife spotting for rock climbing, trekking and target shooting with bow and arrows. For overnight camps, there are rooms, log huts, and tents to choose from at the popular camp resort, the Jungle Bells Nature Camp.

#5 Vuda Park

Popularly referred to as the Vuda Park, this popular leisure spot in Visakhapatnam was actually named after the late Chief Minister Sri N T Rama Rao, as “Nandamuri Taraka Rama Sagara Teera Aaramam”. Located near the Rama Krishna Beach, this scenic park has boating facilities, a roller skating rink, beautiful long lawns, flower gardens, yoga centre, theme park, dancing fountains show and a children’s play area.

#6 Mudasarlova

Mudasarlova Cheruvu is a large freshwater tank fed by springs from Kambalakonda and Kailasa hill ranges, which supplies water to the city. The land adjacent to this serene lake nestled amidst hills and palm trees has been developed as an extensive park, great for picnicking. There are beautiful flowers and different types of trees, fountains, birds and a small playpen for children. The key attraction of the place is the scenic 18-hole Golf course belonging to East Point Golf Club.

#7 Ramanaidu Studio

The Ramanaidu Studio perched on an imposing hill, encircled by verdant environs commands a breathtaking view of the shimmering, blue waters of Bay of Bengal. The studio is spread out on 9 acres of land and with the scope of further expansion to 35 acres.

#8 Borra Caves

Another one of the places to see in Vizag is the Borra. Brightly illuminated, these million-year-old limestone caves are at a height of 1400 mt above sea level. Filled with fascinating stalagmite and stalactite formations of calcium deposits, some fashioned like a ‘Shiva Lingam’ and a cow (Kamadhenu), plus with the Gosthani River flowing through, impart a religious significance to the caves.

#9 Ananthagiri

Ananthagiri is a beautiful hill station in the lush undulating ranges of the Eastern Ghats, on the way to Araku Valley. The clean fresh air makes it a perfect health resort. Ananthagiri is famed for its extensive coffee plantations and numerous waterfalls like Tadinada waterfalls. The Ananthagiri hill resort is a perfect getaway from the hot and humid weather of the summer months. The river Muchkunda originates from Anantagiri and flows along with several small streams. The medicinal and herbal plants comprise the flora of the hill resort.

#10 Katiki Waterfalls

About 4 km away from Borra Caves, a hundred steps and a two-kilometre trek amidst the thick greens to reach Katiki Waterfall is worth every ounce of energy spent. Splashing in the cool water of this perennial waterfall or climbing up to its summit, the childlike joy of playing in water and beauty of the scene overwhelms you. The Katiki waterfall has its source at the Gosthani River, and an approximately 50 feet drop.

#11 Dumbriguda Chaparai

Situated about 15 km away from Araku on the route to Paderu, this picturesque picnic spot has charming waterfalls and lush green surroundings to earn a spot on our list of places to see in Vizag. While the currents can be strong in the monsoon, the waterfalls are fun otherwise, though caution is advised.

#12 Matsyagundam

About 15 km down the road to Paderu from Araku Valley, comes a scenic spot with a rivulet winding through the boulders against the backdrop of an ancient Shiva temple, Sri Matsya Lingeswara Swamy Temple. In the belief that Lord Shiva protects the fish in these waters; they are not caught or eaten.

#13 Erra Matti Dibbalu

The Red Hills (Erra Matti Dibbalu ) near Bheemili are a speciality. The red hills on the seashore are described as red dunes. The red sand hills of this type are found only at three places – Sri Lanka, Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu and the third here.

#14 Araku Valley

Araku Valley; labelled Andhra’s Ooty, in the Eastern Ghats, is home to a number of tribal communities and is certainly among the places to see in Vizag. Spread over an area of 36 sq. km with a pleasant climate, lush greenery, waterfalls and streams, this tourist spot has a tribal museum showcasing the lives and styles of the locals. Accommodation facilities are available, but pre-booking is advised. The APTDC tour package includes a glimpse of the Dhimsa Dance by the locals. 112 km from Visakhapatnam, the journey to Araku valley on the Eastern Ghats with thick forest on either side is exciting with breathtaking locales along the route. Tyda is a small tribal village in the Eastern Ghats, on the Araku Road. There is an eco-tourism park, ‘Jungle Bells’ with rock climbing, trekking, target shooting and availability of naturalists or guides. There are cottages and log huts for stay.