Public Opinion Asked For Finalising The Design of NAD Flyover

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The design for the flyover that is to be built at the NAD Kotha Road is yet to be finalised. The government announced that the flyover would be built several months back and now they’ve decided to consider public opinion on the design of the flyover.

The design will be kept on the VUDA website and all opinions and technical support will be taken into consideration. In the next few days the design will first be presented to the Chief Minister and then uploaded onto the website. It is then that public opinion will be invited on the same.

Taking into consideration all the opinions, should they prove useful, a final design will be presented to the Chief Minister again with the changes made, if any. After the design is finalised, tenders will be called for the construction of the flyover. NAD Kotha Road has a lot of bottle-necked traffic and the need for a flyover has been felt for a long time now.

The highway runs through the city; connecting the industrial area to the populous Gajuwaka and the airport past NAD. With an increase in air traffic, the traffic in this area has also increased simultaneously. The flyover is one amongst several project that the VUDA was asked by the Chief Minister to raise funds for. They are estimated to raise Rs 150 crore for the same.

A Chennai based consultancy has prepared four designs for the flyover. It was selected after a call for expression of interest (EoI) by VUDA. The Collector has held meetings with various stakeholders including the Visakhapatnam Port Trust, Railways, National Highways, Police, RTC and officials about the design. There was another meeting held with experts from engineering colleges.

After the meetings, one design was presented to the Chief Minister when he recently visited the city. At the meeting; ministers, MLAs and a prominent engineering company were in attendance. The engineering company came forward with an alternate design and the CM wanted both designs to be studied further.

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