Vizag with the Highest Number of CBSE Students in AP

CBSE Students Vizag

This year around 5000 students appeared for the CBSE examinations across Andhra Pradesh and the maxium majority of these students are from Visakhapatnam. Vizag itself accounted 4000 students from different streams namely MPC-IP, MPBIPC, COMMERCE and Humanities.

Around 27 students from Humanities stream appeared for the examination out of which 10 were from KV-Malkapuram and 17 from KV-SVN. As usual, the maxium number of students appeared from the science stream, 3100 of them were from Sri Chaitnya, Vikas, Vigyan and other corporate schools. It feels really great to hear that our city has 41 CBSE board schools.

Students of Vikas Vidyaniketan got good results in CBSE class 12 exams. Among the toppers, 13 students secured more than 95 %, 61 scored 90 % and above, 231 have crossed 75 % and 394 students have scored more than 60 %. Students of Sri Chaitnya Narayana IIT Academy have scored above 480 marks where as 117 students have secured more than 450 marks.

Schools that recorded maxium pass percentage were Vigyan with 98 percent and Narayana Chaitanya institutes with 98 % and they even announced that 335 students have made into the 90 % and above list.

Certainly here we have an exception to the following trend with one girl from Vizag who has topped in Humanities stream. She is a student from KV-IVN, Lalam Niyati Shree who scored 95.6 % in Humanities. In mixed sciences also it was a girl, Dehuri Pragnyasini with a score of 96.2 %. Coming to commerce, Sakhamuri Mahita from Visakha Valley topped with 91.8 %.

All the students from Delhi Public School, KCP Siddhartha Adarsh Residential Public school and Nalanda Vidhya Nikethan passed in the examination. Out of 246 students, 153 boys and 93 girl students from four schools appeared for the examinations, that was held from March 9 to April 27.

So here’s wishing a hearty congratulations!!

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