Water Sports Zone To Come Up At Mangamaripeta

Water Sports

Mangamaripeta beach might reportedly soon be developed into a water sports zone. The proposal to have water sport activities at the beach has been long pending. But that might soon change as the district administration has reportedly kickstarted the process.

The district officials have asked the tourism department to look at an architect consultant for the conversion of the beach into a water sports hub consisting of various activities. While the naturally formed rock arch between Visakhapatnam and Bheemunipatnam is a major tourist attraction for its geological importance, the officials are looking to offer tourists more.

The tourism department has reportedly stated that District Collector Pravin Kumar has asked them to appoint a consultant. The consultant will visit the place and put together a Detailed Project Report as to how the beach can be developed without disturbing the eco-system. A jetty, landscaping, approach road, restaurant and several other tourist amenities need to come in for the sports zone.

Mangamaripeta is already a major attraction for sports lovers in the city. Be it kayaking, jet skiing, scuba diving, surfing, banana rides or more – people have always thronged to the beach during weekends. Bringing in the Water Sports Zone will most likely only help with the tourist influx to the beach.

Story Credit: The New Indian Express

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