Kayaking in Vizag

Video of  Kayaking at Rushikonda, Vizag

Take a break from the overcrowded grey roads to tread along the relatively empty blue path of the ocean in Vizag. Offering a distinctly different perspective of the land from sea, kayaking makes you realise how miniscule you are in this big blue world.

With both two-seater and one-seater kayaks, up to six people can go into the water together. For those who’ve had the experience of river kayaking, and think they’ve seen it all, here’s news: this fun adventure oceanic experience is definitely a few notches better.  So while freshwater kayaking is all about going upriver and downriver, the sea is constantly changing and offers a new terrain to traverse every time.

kayaking-1From short tips of fifteen minutes to long ones of up to three hours or longer, sea kayaking is very flexible. Offered at Mangamaripeta beach , Vizag it makes use of the beautiful coastline. Trips to Rushikonda are offered too. Moreover kayaking is an eco-friendly sport, because it doesn’t use fuel, relying just on wind and man power.

With a time-flexibility-friendly approach, the basic prerequisite for kayaking is to know swimming; the attitude for adventure comes with the terrain.

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