Scuba Diving In Vizag

Ask anyone as to what they like about the city, and they’d tell you that it’s ‘the beach’! True, the view is surreal, but is there something beyond just sitting there, staring at the waves lap on the sand? Actually there is much more. With a 30km enviable coastline, there are many options and they’re not all for the mild-hearted. So get ready Vizag to feel that rush of adrenaline, the chill of the deep and the thrill of the new. And all this, is available at our shores.


Scuba Diving

If you thought that the only world that existed was over the oceans, then welcome to scuba diving in Vizag and say hello to an entirely different and exciting ecosystem that thrives below the surface of the deep blue sea. Plankton, olive ridley turtles, clownfish, the occasional dolphin, electric rays, fishes of all sizes and lobsters live down there with their kith and kin.

While Andaman has been a destination of choice for scuba divers, Vizag is now a popular scuba haven too. The Mangamaripeta beach, with calmer waters and lesser currents has been the diving site for hundreds of enthusiasts over the past two years. More importantly, with a lesser number of tourists as compared to other places, this stretch is still relatively pollution free too.

Dives are professionally handled, with PADI certified instructors taking you underwater on a one on one basis. With diving depths ranging up to 15m to 25m for recreational divers, the experience offers two hours in the Bay of Bengal.

With the two distinct areas of recreational and training dives; the sessions include theory, controlled training in a container and finally the actual experience which is a must-not-miss adventure of a lifetime. With scuba gear available with the instructors here, the good news is that while one needn’t necessarily know swimming, it is beneficial.  Also, the best seasons are identified to be between October and March, when the waters are calmer and the visibility better.

While night dives aren’t being offered in the city as yet, we do hope that they’ll make their way in soon too! But till then, do go for the day dive and say hello to the amazing underwater kingdom.

Where : Livein Adventures

Contact : Balaram, +91 9703784560

Image Location Courtesy : The Park Vizag

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  1. Livein adventure
    They don’t take you to any scuba
    Its so unorganised and stupid
    They have no idea what they are doing
    I personally went to dive with them and dive never just happened
    They dont even respond
    Its better to book a flight go to goa nd dive dere

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