Surfing In Vizag

5 Reasons To Surf In Vizag

1. The waves in Vizag are subtle and timid. Because of this, the waves give the surfers more confidence to surf. It’s easier to learn surfing in the shores of Vizag.

2. You can surf 300 days a year. The weather conditions in Vizag are pretty stagnant. It has only about 2 months of summer around the clock and the other days its very easy to surf along the coast.

3. Vizag’s beach is the only beach which is within the limits of the city. Unlike other cities, Vizag’s railway, central city and restaurants are accessible. So, anyone who doesn’t reside in the city needn’t be burdened by travelling long hours to learn surfing!

4. What does every surfer need? The point break wave. Luckily, Vizag’s beach happens to have a lot of them along with a half-moon bay.

5. It’s a Virgin beach, calm and serene. You don’t see much chaos at the beach which makes it a very soothing experience especially while surfing.

Fun Fact :  The IPL players, while visiting Vizag for their IPL match, didn’t miss the chance of Surfing along the half-moon bay! Don’t you think you should too?

Having grown up on scary stories about the unpredictable oceans, it comes as a pleasant surprise to know that Vizag has some of the world’s most ideal waves for surfers. Unlike down south where the waves are stronger, Vizag is a better place with longer waves and sufficient power for surfers. Moreover unlike other cities where surfing points are few and far between, one has access to approximately 14 points within the city, and that too within walking distance. These include RK Beach – near the submarine, near YMCA and Jalaripeta. Finally, unlike other surfing destinations, we have waves throughout the year.

For beginners, the ideal surfing time is from December to May when the waves are softer, while hardcore surfers get to catch powerful and long waves from July to November. That is the pre-cyclonic season when the sea starts to look ugly, and the waves become big and powerful.

While oceans threaten with the fear of the unknown, it helps to know that the Vizag coastline doesn’t have any dangerous creatures except jelly fish. These are seasonal, and only the big ones can lead to serious stings that take days to heal. There are also the sting rays, which also come before the pre-monsoon showers. The third and the most serious of the fear-list are tourists and onlookers, whom you’re most likely to bump into while riding a wave.

The basic prerequisite to learn surfing is to know how to swim. Basic learners  are taught how to catch waves and stand on the board. With hourly and weekly courses available, the surfing scene in Vizag is picking up. Surf boards are offered on a rental basis. We also recommend you to watch out for Stand Up Paddling. A hybrid between surfing and kayaking, enthusiasts also do yoga on these boards.

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