Movie Review: Kabali


Kabali Trailer

The Review

Movie: Kabali

Language: Telugu

Genre: Action – Drama

Director: Pa Ranjith

Cast: Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte, Dhansika, Winston Chao

Rajinikanth, Rajinikanth and more Rajinikanth. The Thalaiva is back with a bang.

What it is about

Kabaleeswaram (Rajinikanth) once lead a happy life with his wife Kumudhavalli (Radhika Apte) and daughter. Now he’s an ageing gangster out to extract revenge for everything he’s lost.   

Why you should watch it

Two and half hours of pure gold is what Rajinikanth fans will gain from the movie. The story of an innocent man losing everything isn’t new nor is his fight to gain respect for the oppressed Tamilians in Malaysia. Rajinikanth being the charismatic himself isn’t new either, but, the film somehow manages to work in a way that cannot be explained. To chalk it all up to Rajinikanth would explain it all, except, Pa Rajinith also deserves credit for pulling off a slick film with perfection (almost). The songs peppered through out the film are well paced, with Neruppa Da garnering wolf whistles from the audience, just like one would expect.

What’s Hot

– Rajinikanth, duh!

– Radhika Apte’s meaty role

– Impressive scenes  

– The songs  

What’s Not

– Slow pace

– Sketchy narration

– Is not as out-of-the-world as one would expect

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