Indian Youth and Their Problems


Indian youth today has been widely outclassed, the growing economy and the demanding nature of folks create an unfair amount of pressure on teenagers. This peer pressure may lead the youth to go in a wrong direction just to prove themselves in front of the society. The main problem a person faces in his/her teenage years is the communication gap between him/she and his/her mentors and hence they tend to follow a wrong path to reach their goals. We bring you a few tips on how to deal with your everyday problems.


Talking forms the basic resource to resolve any problem. Just by communicating with people, we will be able to solve 70% of our problems. It is a basic human nature to over-think situations and create an imaginary scene. This leads to over-thinking which causes depression among people. Talking is a very healthy activity which comes to rescue when a person tends to think too much. The solution lies in a simple conversation! The more people talk to each other and try to solve their problems, the more solutions are found.


Meditation is yet another thing which helps a lot when a person is in depression. Mental ability of a person is lost when he/she is unstable and doing bad in daily lives. Meditation helps you to relax and bring your soul some peace. It is very a effective method of coping up with mental disability and to gain a stable mind. A lot of people seek stability and peace through meditating daily. Practicing meditation on a regular note will not only help you relax but will also bring your mind in a healthy working mode.


Consuming alcohol and other drugs is a common method for the youth today to get rid of depression and tension. Consumption of alcohol and drugs may provide you with temporary depression relief but will have a negative impact on your health. An addiction to drugs can spoil your life and can also cause deaths in some rare cases. It is advised to avoid the consumption of these products as being in a non stable condition will not let you to think practically and hence you will not be able to take appropriate decisions.


Taking a vacation is always a good idea. Letting yourself indulge into something new will divert your mind and will help you to recover from your depressed mood. Vacations are the best way to quit the daily life and find time for yourself. Having a ‘self’ time will give you a chance to think in an appropriate way and make you able to take the correct decisions. Meeting new people and visiting new places will increase your idea about the working of the world and hence you will open up for a positive attitude.


When nothing else works, it is always suggested to seek the guidance of a psychiatrist. While it is believed that Indians are hesitant to spend money and seeking guidance from a professional psychiatrist, visiting one will give you a chance to open up and remove all the negativity that you have been carrying in your mind. This relaxes you and makes you feel light.

Hence these are few ways to cope with any kind of depression that you face in young age. Problems come and go but what stays forever is the way you deals with all the difficult situations.

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