World Peace- Is it too much to ask?

world peace

International Peace Day is observed on 21st September every year to strengthen the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and people.  World peace  has been a unknown thing for a lot of countries. The world faced havoc after the completion of World War II.  Cities were bombed, people were killed and homes were destroyed. It caused physical and psychological problems for everyone associated with the war. The destruction caused by the resulted in forming the United Nations to promote cooperation between Nations. This happened in the year 1945.

Not a lot of changes have occurred since then; we have witnessed many incidents similar to the World War – the Iraq-Syria conflict, the 9/11 attack, Orlando shooting, the Paris attack, Istanbul airport blast. While this happened all over the world, India was not far behind to have faced such devastation.

We have never been able to solve the conflict between our neighbor Pakistan. The best example for that is the Kargil War, Mumbai terror attacks and the very recent Uri attack. Can we ever mend our relationship, which were once peaceful before the British interfered?

How can we think about world peace when we can’t even solve the problems in our own country!? We stand by the motto- Unity in Diversity but then fight for having a new state. The Cauvery issue– was that much of violence necessary?

All these wars and conflicts result only in one thing-Bloodshed. Millions of innocent people must have lost their lives due to some political and religious tension. We must ask ourselves if all this is really required.  

The world has become a much darker place, someone needs to ignite a fire and spread the light. That someone should be us. This International Peace Day let us take a vow to spread nothing but positivity, not through prayer but through action.

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