Karnataka Riots – Cauvery Water Dispute – Section 144


The state of Karnataka observed a bandh on 9th of September over the Supreme Court’s decision to release Cauvery River’s water into Tamil Nadu. Earlier Karnataka and Tamil Nadu used to use the River’s water for irrigation and drinking purposes. Now, the major issue is over the amount of water to be used by both the states. The Apex Court in a fresh order on 12th of September reduced the quantum of water to be given to Tamil Nadu.

There have been several incidents of violence after the SC’s decision since Karnataka wants to triple its water share from the Cauvery River. Major violence began on 12th morning. Unidentified people hurled petrol bombs on Kannadiga-owned Woodland hotels in Chennai, buses were burnt, shops and vehicles belonging to Tamil Nadu have also been attacked in Karnataka. On account of this, the government suspended the working of buses from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu.

At 5:20 pm, on 12th of September the Bengaluru Police imposed the Section 144 of CrPC( Criminal Procedure Code) which does not allow more than 5 people to gather at a place until it is lifted. More than one person died and 4 were injured in the police firings.

On 13th of September, the Bengaluru City police tweeted that private vehicles and taxis are plying freely, and the situation is peaceful and police is alert. They also requested people to send the pictures and videos of all the violent incidents that took place yesterday along with the place and time. Public was also advised to use the police helpline to report any other violent incidents.

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pleaded the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to make peace.

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