Burglary scare stopping you from leaving home? Worry no more.

burglaries, visakhapatnam
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In recent days the threat of house breaking and burglary is scaring people. This is especially true for the areas of Anakapalle, Chodavaram and Narsipatnam. A very very welcome move by the Police is a mobile app.  Locked House Monitoring System is a move to prevent burglaries.

Prevention is always better than the cure. The mobile app does just this. Stay safe and even if you vacation, leave without worry. The Visakhapatnam rural police have launched this mobile app with initial application at Anakepalle and Narsipatnam. Later, the applicability extends to Chodavaram too.

Working: To make it work, one just has to register after downloading the app onto smart phones. First step is to become a registered subscriber. While going out of station, feed the date and send an alert. Constables come and install a camera in a recommended spot. If any burglary attempts entering, an alert will be sent to the control room. The alert is activated by the wi-fi router connected to the camera.

Police are encouraging people to make use of this to stay safe and keep loss of property and wealth to a minimum. Presently it takes 15 days for the cctv to be connected to the control room.

Details for registration: For becoming a registered subscriber, the details required are your name, residential address and mobile number from own house. This would give you a required registration number.

Advantages: Not only does the mobile app prevent burglary, it also provides important clues in the event it occurs.


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