Visakhapatnam district Police Man on unauthorized leave since 11 years

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SHOCKING!! While the efforts of the city police are noticeable to us all over Visakhapatnam there are some who seen to be having their cake and eating it too. Posting orders of Group-II candidates from the 1999 batch are delayed and here the unauthorized leaves a police man can enjoy has splashed news.34 officers from the P&E Commissionerate are on unauthorised leaves of absence as per news reported by Deccan Chronicle.

11 years of unauthorised leave of Visakhapatnam district police man leaves people wondering is that even possible? But yes, it is. Constable T.V. Prasada Rao has been on unauthorised leave for the past 11 years. He is not the only police man. Excise Inspector Nagaveni, who reportedly enjoys the support of a political family in Vizianagaram district, has been absent since June 22, 2016.

Excise SI Vijay has been absent since May 1, 2015, V.V. Kamalapriya since October 7, 2015, Padmavathi since June 23, 2016, Ch. Rajasree since June 23, 2016, T. Jayaseela since July 23, 2016, G. Atchuta Rao since June 29, 2016, and Manju Ketwat since August 24, 2016.

While the case of the Visakhapatnam district police man astounds us the most, there is more. E.G. Bala Jagadeesh has been absent since May 3, 2013, K. Adinarayana since June 11, 2013, Arjuna Rao since May 2, 2016, and R.G.V.S.D. Kumar since September 11, 2016. This is the case of West Godavari.

For  assistant chemical examiner P. Vijaya Lakshmi from Kurnool leave has been sanctioned from October 12, 2015, to April 11, 2020. Isn’t that against the rules? The sanction of five years’ leave in advance, with the permission of the then Commissioner of P&E, has raised questions and discussions at the Commisionrate.

There are many others and it will shock most of us. A further examination has not come to light yet and we feel it our duty to mention that the source of this information has been leading daily Deccan Chronicle. While saying that we feel this matter one to need coming to light.

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