10 places that offer delicious dinner options in Visakhapatnam

dinner, visakhapatnam
Appam from Dakshin

If you want to dine the night away in Visakhapatnam, derive great satisfaction from these delicious dinner ideas that interior designer and tasteaholic Ameet Mirpuri shares.

Delicious dinner options in Visakhapatnam:

Sample backwaters

Made with a simple broth steeped in coconut-y flavour, this traditional prawn stew or Chemmeen Moilee goes well with lacy soft Appams. Uralagadda Vepudu or spicy potato fry adds that crunch and gives the meal some Malabar heartiness.

Where: Dakshin, Hotel Grand Bay

Something fishy

dinner, visakhapatnamDelight your taste buds with the deli style Smoked Salmon which tastes just like the local delicacy overseas. Keep things simple by drizzling olive oil and let the succulent fillets melt in the mouth.

Where: Flying Spaghetti Monster, Waltair Main Road

Spanning cultures

Fresh Hummus and Tzaziki are served as dips for warm pita bread along with Mediterranean Salad as part of the Mezze Platter. Include slices of Barbecue Chicken Pizza for a go-to family dinner.

Where: Aqua, The Park Hotel

Green goodness

dinner, visakhapatnamTuck into a fresh salad which is made tastier with crispy wraps. With just a handful of ingredients, this low-cal salad and wrap combo is a quick grab-and-go dinner, especially for the health conscious.

Where: Kaloreez, Daspalla Hills

Eau de Liver

dinner, visakhapatnamYou can call it Chopped Liver if Pâté sounds intimidating, for it may be hard to grab hold of French accents. But it’s really not hard to dip into Liver Pâté, especially with a plate of Salami Rolls for a Parisian supper in Visakhapatnam.

Where: Pastry, Coffee n’ Conversation, Dutt Island

Amritsar da meal

dinner, visakhapatnamSometimes weekend dinners are more involved, so try the sweetish and tangy Butter Chicken with a Butter Naan or Roti from the tandoor. This is a meal that ticks all the boxes for an authentic North Indian dinner in Visakhapatnam.

Where: New Dhaba City Punjab, Near Gurudwara

The fault in our Sambar

Something as simple as a crispy Rava Dosa can make for a dramatic dinner. This tasteful supper has an effect on all the takers for its pairing with dips like Sambar and Chutneys. Served hot even at midnight, the dosa satisfies insomniac cravings.

Where: Meghalaya Hotel, Asilmetta

Homey delight

Step up to fiery kitchen altars as you feast on spicy Chicken Liver, steamed rice and Rasam for some home-like warmth to liven up a gloomy day.

Where: Kamat, Lawson’s Bay Colony

Picture perfect

This dinner is akin to a colourful photograph with its assortment of Asian dishes like Sushi, seared prawns and pickled salads. Everything on the menu is worth trying, but as the meal winds down, grab a bite of the cool and hot Wasabi ice cream for dessert.

Where: Mekong, Hotel GreenPark

Street shortcuts

Music to the ears of those in a rush, a bowl of vegetable or Chicken Hakka Noodles is an easy solution for a quick dinner that the whole family will love. Order a side of Chicken 65 which is not just fast but adds flavour too.

Where: Baby Parlour, VMRDA Building, Siripuram

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