Uttarakhand – A Game of Flood and Fire

Forest Fire
Forest Fire

Three years ago, Uttarakhand had seen a dreadful cloudburst which lead to devastating loss of lives and as well as their livelihood. Just a few days ago, Uttarakhand faced a vengeful forest fire. It destroyed above 2000 hectares of land. Thousands of firemen still struggle to put out the fire. Extremely dry weather with no humidity was the reason behind the massive fire, said The Minister of Environment Mr. Prakash Javadekar.

But there is a conspiracy theory doing rounds about the forest fire, that there is Timber Mafia who benefit from this. They get a major proportion of revenue out of the destruction. The forest fire is also going to minimize the rate of tourism. Uttarakhand is about to spread its wings in the real estate field where it will get a great profit generation. The main demand for the real estate was the picturesque locations of Uttarakhand lost due to these forest fires, we still hope that they hold onto their horses tight.

Northern India is staggering under severe heat with temperatures rising upto 48 degree Celsius in many parts. Let’s hope this massive forest fire does not lead to another calamitous flood.

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