Drug Mafia Lures Tribals in Visakhapatnam

Drug Mafia Luring Tribal Visakhapatnam

Reports surface that both tribal men and women were falling prey to the lure of drug mafia and getting involved in trafficking ganja. A two-day workshop on drug abuse and trafficking was held in the district, involving government departments, non-government organisations and tribal youth.

Prohibition and Excise Department conducted the workshop at Rampachodavaram and Rajamahendravaram, appealing people to fight against the trafficking of ganja. They organised the event at ITDA by involving the Medical & Health departments, Education, Revenue departments, non-government organisations, ITDA and tribal youths.

It was explained to the tribal youth and community leaders how they were falling prey to the lure of drug mafia. 173 tribals are detained in Visakhapatnam Central prison and 102 in Rajamahendravaram Central prison. These people were arrested for involvement in trafficking under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. The tribal people were appealed to find better ways to eke out a living rather than get involved in such crimes.

The Excise Department also held a seminar on the effects of drug abuse with the Adikavi Nannaya University. Students were appealed to stay away from drugs and concentrate on their career instead. The Additional Superintendent of Police at Rajamahendravaram, R Gangadhar, stated that the drug mafia is destabilising the country and that students should remain cautious, especially at the highway that was being used by them to transport ganja to agency areas. The students were explained about the full extent of the impact of substance abuse and the penal provisions of law.

Story Credit: The Hindu

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