Tourist attractions at Beach Road, Visakhapatnam on the rise

Beach road

The R K Beach Road, Visakhapatnam is coming up on the travelers map in a big way, thanks to the number of tourist attractions that are on a rise but is it making everyone happy?

Please not let us get it wrong, we want Visakhapatnam to come up in every sector and that includes tourism and development even on our favourite RK Beach road. But while saying this are the residents of the major residential locality that is along the Beach road happy? Beautiful and serene, the Visakhapatnam Beach now has a long list of tourist attractions such as the Tu-142 aircraft museum in addition to the Submarine Museum, the convention center, the various concerts and promotions happening on the Beach especially on the weekends etc etc. The list is long and while other coastal cities may have a busier marine drive, our’s is richer by the tourist attractions.

The result of all this beyond the accolades, appreciation and commerce of tourist footfalls is the reality that locals face. Many of the building owners have had their properties since ages and many are old and retired people looking for peace. The resultant chaos, commotion, crowd and traffic jams definitely affect them more.

While all is said and done, it is a well-known fact that the Beach Road stretch is a key nesting ground for Olive Ridley turtles. They come to lay their eggs by the beach and the eggs are protected by government of AP and VSPCA before the hatched turtles are released back into the sea. While with the INS Kursura Museum, a nesting ground has already been said to be lost, it begs to question if the turtles’ nesting grounds are even being kept in mind while all these development plans are being made.

The requirement here arises of a harmonious blend of the two. Yes we want our favourite hang out to be the start of the show but there should not be a tourist delight at the cost of local plight. Can we have some suggestions in the comments please?

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