6 childhood street games that we miss in the smartphone era

6 street games we miss playing now
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Children’s games have transformed a lot while considering the fact that children hardly go out to play anymore. For the present generation, the game either has to be on a laptop, a play station or a smartphone. Children have to involve themselves in outdoor games to help themselves build their social skills as well as the skills in the games. It is depressing that children today prefer not to play these street games as it was an integral part of growing up in India.


Flying colourful kites in the sky is still a popular choice among children of all age groups. To inculcate the rural idea within us many kite festivals are also organised in the northern part of India. In spite of the emerging high raise buildings children still take up kite flying as a popular choice. So do look out for some colourful kites flying by your balcony.


It’s the Indian version of modern cricket. A small tapered stick used instead of a ball and it is call gilli and a larger stick used to hit it is called danda. It is one of the most loved street games and it adds to the cricket fervour in India. The rules are similar to that of cricket yet in an Indianised form. If you are a hardcore cricket lover do try your hand at this fun filled street game.


Also called as Satoliya, it is a popular game among both boys and girls. Seven flat stones are decked up and hit with a ball from a fixed distance. It is inexpensive and an interesting one too. It is played in teams. The fun lies in re-setting the fallen stones and then hitting it again. Do encourage your children to play this age old yet most loved of all street games.


The best way to add in some FIFA fervour this season is to indulge in street football. It is played by people of all age group. It is simple and does not necessarily follow the rule of a formal game of football. There are also street football championships being held around the world to add in to the craze. This season break the rules and add in your own twist to the most loved game around the globe. Indulge yourself in some street footballing.


Small glass balls also called marbles and a popular in rural India. It is most loved by boys and various combinations and rules are set and different games are played. It is rarely seen in urban areas because of urbanization. It’s an aim and hit game and is still in craze among the rural children. Try playing this craze filled game and lo! If you win you will head home with a handful of coloured glass ball and with memories you can cherish for a lifetime.


It is the most popular of all street games played all around the globe with variations. Rectangular boxes are drawn in a vertical manner and numbers or letters are written in the boxes. A small flat stone is used and aimed at a box and the player has to hop and retrieve the stone according to the rules set. The game is played with different rules and structure too. So, if you ever see brick drawn rectangular boxes on the street do hop in and have some fun and tricky essence of street life.

Set aside the playstations and jump into the street to explore a whole new world of entertainment. Move away from the jumping zapak season and just give a bulava to your friends and gather together for some come crazy street games.

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