A scrumptious food corner which could tease your palate

The Setting
You are greeted by an unadorned set-up of a withered blue table holding various cooking paraphernalia. A curious girl (the owner) who is food lover sits behind the table watching motorists go by. There are no flashing sign boards or even a flexi to announce the food – but this is Wafifa’s Corner, named after the owner.

The Fare
Wafifa’s Corner offers only two items on the menu – Pani Puri and Masala Pav. The puris for pani puri is fried right in front of your eyes before being stuffed with mashed potato, onions and filled with tangy tamarind water. The puris are crunchy, flawlessly round and small enough to fit in your mouth perfectly. Wafifa’s Masala Pav is one that wavers from the classic version. Apart from the buttery potato stuffing, she layers her sandwich with creamy coleslaw too before toasting it fresh on a pan.

Fun Fact
Wafifa has come to the city from Assam for pursuing further studies. She previously worked for Green Park and Dolphin before deciding to set up on her own. She believes India’s food culture is nothing without its street food and dreams of creating a snack park someday. She soon hopes to expand the current set-up to include 13 varieties of street-food.

Price: Rs 10 each for any item on
the menu
Location: Lawsons Bay,
beside Maong’s


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