Scam at Seethamadhara,Visakhapatnam – Pension money lost to corruption


Pension money loot and corruption comes to light at Seethamadhara Sub-treasury office, Visakhapatnam. Yet another scam mars the city.

Irregularities to the tune of crores have come to light at Seethamadhara Sub-treasury office along with other places. Pension money has been siphoned into corruption. Officials have already started digging into the irregularities as nearly 8 crores have been found to have looted. Fake employees through No.300 Other Contract Service accounts have been created and this one along with the scam at Chintapalli Sub-treasury has continued with an amount of more than 25 crores already gone.

The scam has come to light after a complaint which was filed through the grievance cell ‘Meekosam Prajavani’. Complaints pointed at corruption by employees of the treasury as well as Medical and Health service personnel. Numerous fake employee accounts have been opened and many have been discovered to be in the names of relatives of those accused. Police have filed charges against 82 people already.

The case of pensioner’s money being whisked away is also aided by officials who have chosen to remain mute witnesses without complaining to higher ups regarding the corruption. They scam has many hand in glove and many who are not involved directly have tried to shield their colleagues. Investigations have been amped up to track the channels where pension money and money into other accounts has gone out.

The Seethamadhara, Visakhapatnam Sub-treasury is now under investigation by the Dwarka Zone police officials.

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