Sayeeda Ali, the healer in Visakhapatnam who uses Art as Therapy

sayeeda ali

Sayeeda Ali is the artist and healer in Visakhapatnam who will meet you and in a miracle which is hard to believe use art as therapy for whatever small or big issues you may be having.

A warm smile and benign countenance greets you when you meet Sayeeda Ali. At once, the profusion of canvases, paints, brushes and bright works of art give away her life choice of many years. But being an artist is not all that she does. Taking strength from how art has helped her through personal struggles and evolution, Sayeeda now uses the medium for helping others. Her life, lived at many places all over the world and enriched by many experiences has made her a seasoned observer, listener and guide. She uses all this to reach out to people who need help, guidance and direction in their life.

Colours and art as therapy
Sayeeda looks at a holistic way of approaching one’s issues. Helping a person open up, to achieve a happy closure to a broad spectrum of issues is what she attempts to do. Overcoming prejudices, inhibitions and self-judgement, art helps one to immerse themselves in a positive goal for life. Both for adults as well as for children, art is a happy diversion that helps one look at life in a more constructive and purposeful way.

Reaching out
From children to young adults, homemakers to business men, manual labourers and robbers to school children, all have benefited from Sayeeda’s touch. People with issues both simple and complex approach her for guidance and resolution and Sayeeda arms them with a brush and colours to fight it out from within.

Resolution of issues
There are many marriages she has saved and suicide attempts she has thwarted. She tells us about the sensitivity required to deal with cases of depression, insecurity or lust as well as the hand holding required in times of grief and sorrow. “The loss of a loved one wrecks havoc on both the young and the old”, Sayeeda says. Children and their parents have approached her for help in dealing with lying, disrespect, stealing etc. Among adults more complex problems of jealousy, suspicion and over expectation have come to her for resolution.
Art inculcates pure love and respect for life according to her. This is a gentle way to rediscover one’s way back to a happy life.

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