Russian Naval Ship Visits Vizag

Russian Naval Ship

Russian Naval Rescue Ship ‘Igor Belousov’ arrived at Visakhapatnam today and will be here for four days. On it’s arrival, Captians Maksim S Allikin and Alexey Nekhodtsev called on Rear Admirals SV Bhokare and Sanjay Mahindru.

Russian Naval ShipRussian Naval Ship

The four-day visit of the Russian Naval Ship and delegation encompasses interaction between the personnel of both the Navies. Various professional, cultural, social and sports events will be held in the next few days to encourage amity. The Russian Naval personnel will also visit places of interest in Vizag.


Fun Facts:

‘Igor Belousov’ was inducted into the Russian Navy Pacific Ocean Fleet search-and-rescue force in November 2015. It is used for search-and-rescue of crew in distressed surface vessels and submarines. It also responds to emergencies and salvages ships.

Lifesaving Equipment it contains:

  • A 700m deep-diving vehicle
  • Two deep-dicing submersibles, used for search and lifting underwater objects from seabed and rescue of crews from distressed submarines.

Russian Naval Ship

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