Visakhapatnam kid shines in the Rhymes World Cup; gets selected for International level

Ralla Bella Rhymes Cup

Kindergartener from Ralla Bella International School Visakhapatnam overtakes all the national finalists in the Rhymes world cup finals held in Bangalore and gets selected for the International Title Trophy to be held on 11 June, 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This contest is held at Junior level and Senior level. In the Junior level, there are kids below 3.12 years and in the Senior level, there are kids between 4-6 years. The kids are allowed to recite rhymes in English at the International level and in the local languages in the National level. They need to recite 1-2 rhymes at a time frame of 120 seconds or 2 minutes excluding the introduction time.

The contestants are judged on the basis of their Presentation skills, Voice modulation / clarity and Pronunciation.


Maahi Satsangi is the winner in the National level contest held in Bangalore for the Senior level of the contest and thus will be able to represent the country at International level in the finale to be held in Kuala Lumpur.

The other runners up from the city are, Sathi Sakshi from Esperanza school and Abhijith Devansh from Bachpan Ramnagar in the Junior Level; Sai Saanvita from Kidzee in the Senior level. N Mahitha from Ralla Bella International School, Naysha Munot from Cherry kids, V Sai Sreekar from Lovedale and Harsh Baid from Tiny Tots have been considered as the outstanding performers of India national finale.

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