A place in Vizag for everyone craving for caramel brownie

caramel brownie food
caramel brownie

Imagine having the yummiest brownie topped with a lip smacking ice-cream drizzled with fluids from heaven. Yeah! The imagination itself starts watering out of the mouth and guesses what, Crème Shakes on the beach road is flipping minds of all the food lovers with their amazing caramel brownies.

caramel brownie

The much appreciated caramel brownie from Crème Shakes is the new attraction among all the food lovers in the town. Gooey and warm walnut brownie is topped with chilling caramel ice-cream and hot chocolate fudge flows from top to bottom in the brownie cup. It is finished with lots and lots of roasted cashews and this combination will give you a feel of a ride to heaven.

caramel brownie

The yummy ice-cream is made by mixing delicately made caramel mixed with vanilla ice-cream and churning it to the exact point. The warm chocolate fudge goes perfect with the ice-cream and will definitely not give you a sugar rush. The walnut brownie is gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside and is 100% vegetarian. The roasted cashews give a perfect finishing touch to this amazing dish and this combination of ice-cream and brownie will totally blow your minds.

This dessert is priced at 120 Rupees and it’s worth it. Get to the place ASAP and have this mind blowing dessert while enjoying the beautiful view of the Bay of Bengal.

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