Petrol and diesel register record high prices

petrol, diesel
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Much to the distress of the citizens, the fuel rates have hit a record high in the country. An increase of 33 paise per litre of petrol and 26 paise per litre of diesel was witnessed in Delhi as per the report issued by the state-owned oil firms. In Visakhapatnam, the petrol price has been hiked by 34 paise per litre and diesel by 25 paise per litre.

Petrol price recorded the highest price of Rs 76.24 per litre while the diesel rate stands at a value of Rs 67.57 per litre in Delhi.

Also, the fuel prices in the capital of the country are very less compared to other metro cities and state capitals. As the Local Sales Tax or VAT play an important role in determining the fuel prices in different cities, the petrol and diesel prices rose to Rs 78.91 and Rs 70.12 in Kolkata, Rs 84.07 and Rs 71.94 in Mumbai, Rs 79.13 and Rs 71.32 in Chennai and Rs 81.75 and Rs 74.036 in Visakhapatnam respectively.

While the fuel prices have been revised frequently for almost a year now, the prices have been experiencing an upward trend since May 14. On the whole, petrol price has taken a rise of Rs 1.61 per Litre and diesel price of Rs 1.64 per litre in the past week.

Credits: The Hindu

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