The Violet Box – Luxury indulgence for the new woman

the violet box - period box

‘Chup chup baithi ho zaroor koi baat hai.’

These were the lines of a popular Hindi song used in the earliest ads for a sanitary napkin brand. True, ‘hush-hush’ is the perfect phrase to describe ‘those four days’ of every woman’s month in India. The blue inks and white trousers in ads, not to mention the embarrassed glances made us women cringe. Though the embarrassment is replaced by indifference today, much still needs to change.

And that’s where The Violet Box comes in.

Started by Yogita and Laukik, alumni from McKinsey, INSEAD and Ernst &Young , this latest sampling box, really thinks out of the proverbial box. With its target segment being women, the product pampers women  with organic incense and artisan chocolates, luxury body scrubs and perfumes, gourmet teas and coffees – a list that’s endless and creative and changes every month. Along with an assorted set of luxury and vegan elements, women can add their choice of  period essentials in the form of sanitary napkins, tampons and panty liners too.

While the brand seems to bring in the element of luxury into women’s lives, it is also driving a social change. Periods are a time for indulgence, is what the violet box, has  to say. Also, for every box sold Violet donates a month’s period essentials to those in need.


The goodie box!

With products changing each month, based on the curator, this month’s box, the one that the Yo! team received for review was curated by DJ Shireen.

Black with golden lettering, the box consisted of a sinful combination of indulgences layered over a bed of straw. It consisted of beauty scrubs from Raw Rituals and handcrafted soap squares that smelt divine. The assorted chocolates from Godiva were delightful and the aromatic teas and coffees invigorating. Of course, concealed under these goodies were sanitary napkins and panty liners.


Yo! recommends

A wonderful gift for every month is how we would phrase it! After all, every woman would love to look forward to a luxurious surprise every month-period or not! Available in two variants of the Violet Box and the Period box, they are priced at Rs. 699 and Rs. 799 per month. Wrapping up surprises and essentials for every month, the violet box makes for wonderful gifting.

So all those men and women out there, wondering about what to gift to the lady in their lives – offers the perfect answer.

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