Medical taxi answers woes of the differently abled, launched in Vizag

medical taxi
medical taxi

The differently abled and those with mobility issues now have a solution for their medical woes. eSahai service launched medical taxi and ambulance aggregation in Vizag city. The first of its kind, the concept has started in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday. It is the pioneering idea behind online taxi aggregation. All private ambulances will be collected into a fleet on one single platform. The help for those who need it is just a click or a button away. eSahai is the app-based assistance by MyInd Medtech Innovations’ for those with mobility issue and those who are differently abled.

The medical taxi service is a medical transportation medium and it’s target is to make facilities accessible to those who are differently abled, senior citizens, pregnant women, post-surgery patients and dialysis patients. The eSahai service is partnering with medium and large scale hospitals, health care service providers in Vizag.

The aim is to provide a medical transportation model that is practically executed on road with efficiency and a degree of standardization. It will bring a modicum of organization to the emergency medical services market which is totally unorganised. The long left out needs of the differently abled and those with issues for physical movement will be addressed. Starting with one, the medical taxi is to expand to 20 while looking at the demand for the services. After operating in Vizag for a period of 3-4 months they plan to expand the facility to sub-urban places within 100 kms of the city.

Avail it – The service can be obtained via the mobile app ‘eSahai’. Their 24*7 number is 7330911911. The alternative is through their website or mobile.

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