Vizag-based play school makes a mark in early child education

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While Presidential School has been achieving merit in primary and secondary education, its wing for young children, Love Dale – a play school, has made a name for itself in the field of preschools in Vizag.

The curriculum

“We designed our teaching methodology to educate children holistically. Our curriculum involves Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Creative Activities and Physiological Skills among others. The integration of different subjects provides a curriculum that encourages creativity, curiosity, and self-expression. We also have Next Education as our Knowledge Partner,” shares Mrs I.K. Anand, the Principal at Love Dale.

The approach

The school also claims to teach its children through direct experience and exploration. Elaborating on the approach, Gurvansh says, “The Love Dale system of assessment is based on a child’s performance on a day to day basis.  An individual mind is honed by the teacher to record every child’s growth enabling their creativity.”

The amenities

Apart from employing well-thought teaching strategies, Love Dale also strikes a chord when it comes to the infrastructure and amenities that are in place. A colourful premises that facilitates digital learning, extracurricular, indoor and outdoor activities, are among the school’s other notable features. A swimming pool and an auditorium are the added attractions at this play school in Vizag.

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