Jayalalithaa; is all well with Amma?


It’s been almost a week since the health of Tamilnadu CM Jayalalithaa became a hot topic on social media. She became hospitalized on September 22, Apollo Hospital in Chennai, and recently, we have been hearing many rumours regarding her being in intensive care unit, on the life support system and even that she has passed away. A fake picture of Jayalalithaa in ventilator has become viral on Whatsapp over the past few days. Though the picture was found to be fake, the rumours kept spreading rapidly.

It is also interesting that there has been no news, till now, of any visit from any of her blood relatives. Deepa Jayakumar, Jayalalithaa’s niece, who did try to visit her, was denied access beyond the hospital gates. She complained about the same after trying continuously for three days; “My aunt is so dear to me. Want to see my aunt, but can’t go beyond hospital gate,” says Jayalalitha’s niece.  Furthermore, she was told that she will receive a call from a person of the higher authority and later on disappointedly informed the media “that call is yet to come”. She also added, “I feel that it is a serious condition, which needs to be probed. Who is behind this secrecy?

The peculiar secrecy surrounding her hospitalisation and the silence on her illness together with the many restrictions on who can visit the AIADMK leader have given rise to many rumours during this period. #Jayalalitha has become a trending hashtag for Indian crowd on Twitter.

*Feature Image Credit: The Wire

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