GPS Tracker For All Water Tankers In The City

GPS Tracker
GPS Tracker Water Tanker

The GVMC is introducing GPS tracker for water tankers in the city in order to ensure that there will be no unnecessary cost being incurred while supplying water. Installing this system is made mandatory to all the tankers by April 17.

Generally the number of trips made are 460 using 60 tankers daily in order to supply water for the required areas, however during the summer the number of trips will be increased to 170 using another 30 tankers.

As of now, the GPS tracker has been fixed for a few tankers which will start their operations by the 17th of April. The amount spent on these water tankers is usually Rs 4 crore and an additional amount of Rs 84.7 lakh is spent to meet the demand of water supply during the summers. The basic purpose of introducing this GPS system is to track vehicles, number of trips being made and also to prevent any false claims being made. Besides this, it is necessary for timely delivery of water supply at the respected places.

The supply of tankers is more in the Zones I, V and VI which are merged with 32 panchayats and Gajuwaka area falls under it. All the wards from one to six which include Madhurwada and Endada as well are covered by the tankers.  Initially, when the proposal was put up there has been some resistance, however it was insisted that the contactor should install the GPS device. The Chief Minister of the state, N Chandrababu Naidu is also insisting on introducing GPS to all water tankers around the state.

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