Floods danger over Godavari; river crosses 50 feet mark at Bhadrachalam

godavari river floods, andhra pradesh
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Clouds of danger hang yet again over the Godavari districts as the Godavari River crossed the 50-feet mark at Bhadrachalam on Sunday night. Only a month ago, areas near Godavari river were in the clutches of floods with close to 40,000 people being displaced. Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (APSDMA) issued a first-level warning at Dowleswaram Barrage. They also issued a second-level warning in the Bhadrachalam region. Polavaram and Kunavaram Reservoirs have also witnessed a similar rise in water inflow.

In layman’s terms, a first level warning is given when the river crosses the 43-feet mark while a second warning is issued when the river goes past the 48-feet mark. The water level in Godavari river could soon touch the 53-feet mark which is the third level floods warning.

APSDMA has reportedly deployed 240 rescue personnel from State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and AP Fire Services teams at Veeravaram, Chinturu, Rampachodavaram and other areas. Rescue equipment, such as boats and life-jackets, have also been sent. The low-lying and flood-prone areas are being evacuated as a precautionary measure.

As on Monday, Dowleswaram Barrage discharged 14.95 lakh cusecs of water which is close to the amount it discharged during the floods in Godavari river last month (15.61 lakh cusecs).

Meanwhile, areas near the Krishna River are also in danger as the water level at the Srisailam Dam reached 882 feet. This is barely 3 feet from being completely filled. Due to the low flood cushion, the dam will have to release more water than it takes in.

People are being requested to go to high, structurally-sound places and stock up essential emergency supplies.

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