Download Pokémon Go APK File For Android In India

The 90s kids who grew up playing the Pokémon game on their Game Boy, watching the anime after school, battled it out with Pokémon cards and those with an unreasonable fondness for Pikachu or Charizard, rejoice!

The new Pokémon game out on iOS and Android is called Pokémon GO and it has gotten mixed reviews so far. The game’s story goes that the pocket monsters (Pokémon) are hidden around the world (in real life), you need to physically move and go to new places in order to find them at pokéstops and capture them. They appear on your radar as soon as you’re close enough, tap and hold the Pokéball on screen and flick at the Pokémon to capture it.   

The game has seen tremendous response, overwhelming Niantic’s servers and delaying it’s worldwide release. The app is now officially released only in Australia, New Zealand and US, but is geared up for release in Europe and Asia soon.

But of course because where there’s a will there’s a way, You can now download the game here in India and definitely take places you would never go to unless there’s an exam lurking in the corner – temples. Players have been finding an abundance of pokémon at temples and one Reddit user commenting playing Pokémon Go in our country is ‘almost a pilgrimage’.

So go download the game and play while you sing your anthem – Gotta catch ‘em all, Pokémon!

If you want to play Pokémon Go on your Android device, and you’re not in a country that has made Pokémon Go available through the Google Play store, then the following instructions will show you how to download it from a third-party website.

First you need to allow your Android device to install and run apps downloaded from other places. Be cautious when you turn on this setting, as you’ll want to make sure you only download apps you know are safe and reliable.

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