Treat Your Tastebuds To Desi Food In Visakhapatnam

yummy food
yummy food

Vizag, the future smart city, has a plethora of lip smacking and amazing dishes that drives people crazy every minute. The city provides a large variety of food items, thereby leaving foodies awestruck. It’s not only the idli, dosa, vada or puri that are gobbled up within seconds of time, but the city tends to be an equal paradise for North Indian, Chinese cuisine and desi street food as well.

It’s not necessary for every person to sit and spend a lot of money in a star hotel. One can get delicious food of his/her choice even in the smallest of restaurants, dhabas or street stalls here. Street food has always been an all time favourite for most people with each food item having its own speciality and flavour.

Hygiene becomes an important factor when food is taken into concern. Hence now a days, even the street vendors and small establishments try and work accordingly, keeping the hygiene factor in mind. After all, cleanliness is also a matter of concern. We often find road side stalls and these establishment more crowded with people as compared to other multi-cuisine restaurants or hotels. Good quality of food is sold at the cheapest price, by the street vendors as well these days.

At this city of destiny, one can enjoy their evenings by hanging around cafes and ice cream parlours. And yet, many people come across street foods or tiny restaurants and go bonkers about them. From the morning breakfast, till the evening snacks one can enjoy the different aromas and flavours of diverse kinds of food items.

The Vasavi Tiffin Center of Kurupam market, is the first place to get crowded the moment the clock strikes 7 in the morning. People are just found standing in queues outside this center, as it is famous for its hot hot dosas with spicy coconut chutney and bellam (jaggery) sambar.

Deepak Punjabi Dhaba in Asilmetta near RTC complex is well known for their Punjabi cuisine. The aroma of those freshly made kulchas with desi ghee, daal makhani, butter chicken and paneer butter masala are just so tempting. Raju Gari Dhaba opposite to GITAM is equally famous for its biriyani. So how can a person just back off without helping himself/herself to two or three plates?

When the dusk arrives, we bump into different food stalls again. Moreover one can never ever afford to compromise, especially when it comes to food. That way the pani puri stalls beside Jyoti Book Depot building and another stall at MVP Colony Sector 5, opposite to the church, is famous for their pani puri and hot chaats.

Sev puri and Dahi puri of Simhadri Pani Puri and Hot Chaat opposite to Kalabharti stadium serves yummy snacks, which are just unforgettable. Bhel Puri and Pav Bhaji are also one of the most common snacks chosen here. Bhel Puri on the beach road is something that gives you the tangy taste and the Pav Bhaji beside Sea Green hotel is worth trying out.

The crispy Kachoris, Samosas, Mysore Bondas and Parathas sold at the stall opposite to Vizag Central is always crowded till 11 PM at night. All these snacks with groundnut chutney, and the Parathas with garama garam Aloo curry is the best combination worth eating. So, what are you waiting for? Try out these outlets and let us know your favourite places too!!


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  1. Wonderfully written. The items were vivid and the tastes from the past experiences replay in the mind while reading. Though I don’t stay in Visakhapatnam, I’d love to go to the places mentioned by in the write-up.
    Keep it up.

  2. I dont know that this places r this much fams….
    Next time paka yahi se kayege….
    And written work is really great…
    Keep it u….

  3. Wow…. I really like the necessary details that are written in the article. Even the little important informations are present there about the food available along with their hygene concern too. I am a foody person. I love street foods and foods in roadside dhaba a lot actually… Dhosa, dahi bada, sambar bada are so mouth watering …. This article is really helpful for food lovers. Now I really want to explore the taste of these foods as soon as possible…. Its gonna be a super treat… Seriously looking forward to it. This piece of article is really awesome. Keep this going.

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