Best burger in various joints across Visakhapatnam, Bon Appetit!!


You have no further to look for the definitive list of the best burger in every popular joint across Visakhapatnam is right here. Read on and Bon Appetit my friend.

We love to sink our teeth into a big, fat, juicy burger just as much as the next person. With heavenly layers of cheese, patty and veggies sandwiched between perfectly soft sesame topped buns, how can one resist? So here is the best burger in the places to check in around town in Visakhapatnam.



Ground tenderloin and bacon is garnished with fried egg and caramelised onions, and drizzled with generous helpings of lemon aioli sauce, cheese and steak sauce.
Price: Rs. 375

Big Boy Veggie

A grilled cottage cheese patty comes together with two potato patties topped with sautéed spinach, duxelle (minced mushrooms) and delicious sour cream.
Price: Rs. 400

Chicken Seekh Burger
A juicy handmade chicken patty comes with a slice of cheese, capsicum, onions and various dressings that leave you with a wonderful after-taste.
Price: Rs. 110 and Rs. 210 (as per size)

Chickpea Burger
Unlike any vegetarian burger you’ve had, here the patty is made from a mixture of ground chickpeas along with their chef’s secret sauce.
Price: Rs. 95 and Rs. 170 (as per size)

Cottage Cheese Burger
A deliciously soft and fresh paneer patty is topped with crunchy lettuce, onions, capsicum, juicy tomato and creamy cheese.
Price: Rs. 130

Chicken Cheese Burger
A luscious chicken patty, a fried egg, crunchy lettuce, tomato, onions and capsicum make this a delicious power-house, that comes with yummy fries on the side.
Price: Rs. 180

Mr.Weenie’s roadhouse
Hash Brown Burger
With double hash browns topped with a generous amount of cheese and coleslaw, the hash brown burger is sure to make you drool over it. Combined with mustard mayo spread buns, this one is a runaway winner.
Price: Rs. 130

The Pittsburgher
A four-layered ‘king sized’ beast that is stuffed with fries and coleslaw, and also features a fried egg on top.
Price: Rs. 250

McDonald’s McAlooTikki
Soft fresh buns served with a crispy potato patty along with mayonnaise and cut lettuce is a great option to kill hunger.
Price: Rs. 39

Chicken Kebab Burger

This burger is made with really tender and juicy chicken. It’s a unique amalgamation of a fiery patty and some real Indian spices. These explosive flavours are sure to bowl you over.

Price: Single Patty – Rs. 70
Double Patty – Rs. 116

So let this list be your guide to which is the best burger in which joint so that your food delights do not effort to search. Bon Appetit!!

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