10 places in Vizag that offer the best lunch

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As this month’s ‘craving’ series explores the delicacies of Biryani, Thali and inspirations for seafood; revel in culinary celebrations with restaurateur, Srinivas Reddy, as his foodie side closes in on the best lunch options in Vizag.

Wok up like this

The sweet and spicy Clay Pot Chicken in Ming Garden tops the list in Chinese cuisine. This boneless chicken dish from the wok is best had with the crispy Burnt Garlic Fried Rice. If sugar cravings shadow your every meal, try the Dragon Roll for dessert.

Where: The Gateway Hotel, Beach Road

A bit of everything

When it comes to seeking the comfort of local food, there’s nothing but the staples of Andhra cuisine that can do justice. The Vegetarian Thali at Spicy Venue showcases an array of strongly flavoured dishes and simple recipes. Servings of the peppery dal and deep fried vegetables complement phulkas and hot rice in this thali. Grab a juicy paan to finish the lunch traditionally.

Where: Siripuram, Vizag

Man vs. food

When the heart gravitates towards live grills and unlimited appetisers, Barbeque Nation is the place to head to. Kebabs made with prawns, fish, lamb and chicken fill you up before you can try the skewered cottage cheese, vegetables and grilled pineapples. A delicious spread of rice dishes, rotis, breads and multi cuisine curries make up the main course. Caramelised desserts and Kulfis dipped in colourful toppings end the lunch on a sweet note.

Where: Harbour Park Road

Call of the sea

A coastal city is naturally the best place for seafood. Fried Crabs at Raju Gari Dhaba are a savoury accompaniment to the Prawn Biryani. Don’t let the simplicity of the place and modest presentation of dishes fool you, as the marinated prawns in biryani are done to perfection. The Guntur style Mutton Fry is much recommended too.

Where: Sea Inn, Rushikonda, Vizag

Traditional fare

Easy to miss, the Chowdary Gari Dhaba has no board proclaiming its name. Situated by the beach, this humble offbeat destination offers delicious Rottu Pachhadi, prepared from fresh vegetables and spices on the traditional stone and pestel. The pachhadi is best paired with the homely combination of steaming rice and piping hot dal. Watch out for the distinct flavour of the spicy Mutton Curry here.

Where: Thimmapuram

Meet the meat

The Podi Chicken Fry and Podi Chicken Biryani at the Godavari Restaurant bring out distinct flavours of Andhra. Rice, dal, rasam, fried vegetables, chutney and a sweet of the day are some of the signature dishes served in their authentic Andhra Thali.

Where: Lawson’s Bay Colony, Vizag

Nawab’s recipe

A biryani for lunch deserves a mention of the Mutton Biryani from Paradise Food Court. Served in a copper bowl, opt for the Chicken Tikka Masala and Mirchi Ka Salan to go with the dish, for the ultimate Nawabi experience.

Where: VIP Road, Vizag

Global eats, locally

Yearning for international cuisine? The Lemon Chicken Roll is a wholesome appetiser in Delhi Diner. For the main course, Nasi Goreng; an Indonesian version of fried rice is a must try. Of important mention is the Diner’s version of Chicken Biryani which is rather unique.

Where: Hotel Rockdale, Waltair Main Road

Fiery kitchen

The appetite for a spicy desi Pulao is best satiated with the Rajugari Kodi Pulao at 7 Biryanis. Taking spiciness to a higher level, this version of Chicken Pulao has an authentic taste, making it food for the spice-loving soul.

Where: Beside Sampath Vinayaka Temple

Chopstick skills

Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon at Mekong with Sushi, Dim Sum, Wasabis and Udon Noodles in soups of your choice. Wait until the main course which includes dishes from seven Asian countries. Don’t forget to make some space for a variety of desserts, cocktails and mocktails.

Where: Hotel GreenPark, Waltair Main Road

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