Let’s Clean Our Vizag Beach – Our beach. Our environment. Our future.

Vizag Beach Cleanup

Vizag, the city of destiny, is recognised by its beautiful beaches. The view and the beach itself steal millions of hearts. People enjoy spending most of their time at these beaches and it becomes a special adda for having good chats, enjoying some nice masala tea and crispy hot samosas, cool breeze – the list is just endless. But unfortunately our favourite haven is getting polluted and dirty. Enjoyment and having fun is important but at the same time, cleanliness of our surroundings is equally important.

Beach is a key part of our city, hence it becomes our duty to keep such wonderful places clean and enhance the beauty in a more innovative way. Cleanliness is something that we keep hearing about often, but to bring such thoughts into action, we have a Beach clean-up drive on 5 June 2017. This drive is literally not an event but it is a drive for our better future.  Let’s keep our surroundings clean and start up with the serene beach. Let’s collect all the hazardous and unwanted elements dumped so far and discard them at right place. We must ensure that no such waste must be dumped anymore at this site. Reduce the use of plastic and let’s make sure we throw the waste in the waste bins and not into our precious water bodies.


With the support of GVMC, Arena Events is hosting this initiative, in collaboration with Wings for Life Foundation & Rohit Memorial Trust. Now all they need is the support of the citizens of Vizag and tourists who visit our city. So kindly understand the importance of this drive and share it all over.

RSVP yes here or here. Come, be a part of this change.

What: Vizag Beaches Clean Up Drive

When: 5 June

Where: Tenneti park

Timings: 5:30-7:30 AM

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