Bay Park – Vizag’s Exotic Wellness Retreat

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Bay Park, A thirty-minute scenic drive away from Visakhapatnam lies the much needed break you need from the city is a must visit wellness resort in India

A thirty minute scenic drive away from Visakhapatnam lies the much needed break you need from the city.

The Setting
Tucked away on top of a hill, the scenic drive to Bay Park resort in Visakhapatnam is awe-inspiring by itself, a stellar promise for what’s to come. As you reach the top, amidst lush vegetation is an eco-friendly, wellness-focused retreat that seems to be a whole world unto itself. Spread across 28 acres of land, the minimalist, exposed, cement walls and mud tile roof only enhance the extravagance of the retreat that is designed by an Indonesian architect. As you step into a foyer supported by huge pillars, the soft gurgle of water lures you in. Step in further and you’re greeted by an understated water body adorned with a Buddha sculpture and filled with colourful Koi fish. If you do manage to get past the beauty of the courtyard dotted with stone and wood structures imported from around the world and go past the glass doors on the other side, the pièce de résistance awaits. An infinity pool overlooks the Bay of Bengal and the ombré effect the pool, sea and sky create against each other is a sight to see. It almost overpowers the stunning view of the city the elevation offers; Bay Park wellness resort showcases a whole new vista of Vizag.

The Choice
All the guests that check in are expected to lead a healthy and wellness inspired lifestyle for as long as they’re at Bay Park. The BMI of the guests are noted as soon as they check into one of the 138 rooms, and accordingly a customised program is prescribed. The health resort’s regime is based on Naturopathy and Yoga wherein the guests are given a schedule to follow from 6AM to 6PM. A well-experienced team of 30 doctors, nutritionists, fitness trainers and yoga instructors guide the guests through the day. The facility contains state of the art equipment. The treatments offered to both men and women include detoxification, weight reduction and solutions for various ailments. The simple dining area embellished by the view through the glass windows has a juice bar and serves only organic, vegetarian food sans the preservatives. So as to jump-start a clean lifestyle, rejuvenating and constructive diet plans are followed by the guests. The 1,00,000 sq. feet wellness centre offers a wide range of treatments like hydrotherapy and healing massages performed by expert massage therapists. Yoga, acupuncture, reflexology, mud therapy and therapeutic packs are some of the other treatments the retreat offers. The immaculate and peaceful atmosphere aids in spiritual healing, for which it is highly recommended that the guests stay for a minimum of one week.

Yo! Recommends
Try out the quartz massage bed that finds its roots in Germany. The table is filled with sparkling golden grains of quartz gravel that are warmed up to a desired temperature. The vibrating gravel envelope the body, soothing worn muscles.

Also try out the thalassotherapy where the natural healing properties of seawater is used for anti-ageing treatments, cellulite reduction and muscle toning.

Address: PEMA Wellness Resorts, Healing Hills, Gitam Post, Rushikonda Road, Visakhapatnam
Contact: 0891 282 5579

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