Araku roads spell narrow escape for 28 pilgrims to Srisailam Temple


For 28 pilgrims headed to Srisailam Temple, the roads of Araku brought a brush with near-death for them.

The pilgrims headed to Srisailam Temple for a visit were in for a shock when the private bus in which they were travelling went out of control. In a horrifying experience the bus plunged off the mountain road and slid 15 meters to dangle off a steep cliff. This incident occurred off the Paderu Ghat road in the Vantlamamidi area around 10.30 a.m yesterday. The poor pilgrims were on the visit for celebrating the auspicious month of Karthika Masam. The bus driver lost control of the bus and this is what the frightened passengers have to say. The bus plunged from the cliff and was stuck overhanging a steep cliff while tilting to one side. The situation is enough to scare anybody.

The bus had started from Paderu and this incident occurred 20 minutes after the journey started. The authorities have taken cognizance of the matter and are investigating the cause of the horror for Srisailam Temple visitors. The bus driver reports that the bus is not in a good condition and officials are on with the investigations.

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