Aerial Ambulances & Taxis In Visakhapatnam Soon

air ambulances

Vizag will soon have air ambulances, taxis, and aerial tours for tourists, aerial marketing for the business oriented. Vizag based Aviator World currently has two powered parachutes, it plans to expand with gyrocopters imported from France.

They are in talks with a French aircraft manufacturing firm to get gyrocopters and consequently bring in services like police convoys, aerial crop spraying and more too. They plan to launch the services in the next six months after the DGCA clearances are done. They plan to tie up with the EMRI 108 services for the air ambulances and offer joy rides to tourists in the air taxis at amusement parks too.

It is a common sight to see an ambulance being stuck in traffic, with no choice but to wait for the traffic before it to clear, losing valuable time. The air ambulances might just be the answer to those problems. Priced at Rs 40 lakh, the same as a luxury car, the price is lower compared to other aircraft carriers. The low fuel consumption makes it a viable option for being an air ambulance too. It runs on power petrol rather than Aviation Turbine Fuel.  Requiring only a 50 meter runway space, the gyrocopters are simply ideal.

While the firm is currently focusing on training people for handling the powered parachutes, they plan to start aerial rides in three aerial strips in Araku by January. They will also be adding four more powered parachutes to their kitty.

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  1. SERIOUSLY! Ambulance guys are not even picking up the victims, if money is not paid initially. Now u are prompting about air ambulances???? Sick of these useless statements! First provide swine flu test kits to govt.wards…

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