5 Tips To Get Fit This New Year

get fit

The year 2016 has taught us a lot about the “Healthy Lifestyle”. The rise in fitness events happening around the city has educated the masses on the importance of regular workout and healthy diet. We see a lot of people opting for cycling, running, trekking, zumba, yoga, dance and body weight training over the traditional Gym training.

Events like Pinkathon, Vizag Marathon, Zumba Party & Aqua Zumba have really sparked the trend of the active lifestyle among Men & Women of all ages. So if getting fit and staying fit is your mantra for the year 2017 – Then here are a few tips to help you stick to your New Year Resolution and get fit.

Set a Goal

Plan out a workout schedule and set targets for every week/month. Be more specific with your goals for effective results.

Commit to your goal

Write it on a piece of paper or personal journal. A constant reminder on your desk or desktop PC will always help you stay committed.

Find Support

Find a workout buddy, club or an online group for support. Cause it’s more likely for you to not miss out on your routine, when you workout with a friend or group.

Use your social media for support and accountability

Log your workouts through status updates or click and upload pictures. Sharing your daily progress with friends and family will help you get appreciation, which will help you push yourself even more.

Use fitness/health tracking apps

Use these apps to connect and compete with people over mobile. Mobile Apps such as Strava & Google Fit help make the fitness experience more social with options to record activity and share them over various social media platforms.

And most importantly remember to be easy on yourself in case you break the routine. Forgive yourself and get back on track. Let 2017 be a year of achievements and zero excuses.

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