4 issues being faced by the citizens in Visakhapatnam

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Visakhapatnam is fast emerging as one of the premier destinations in Andhra Pradesh. However, similar to any other city that is taking rapid strides towards development, Visakhapatnam too has been facing multiple issues over the past years. While the authorities have been adopting several methods to tackle these issues, the citizens hope efficient solutions are found soon. Here are 4 of the many issues being faced currently by the citizens in Visakhapatnam.

Water Woes

Many areas in the city have reported the shortage of water. While unavailability of drinking water regularly has been prevalent for many years now, the scarcity of water for domestic chores has added further to the woes. In fact, a few associations have even expressed their concerns to the officials too.

Traffic Woes

It is a known fact that the road traffic scenario in Visakhapatnam is no longer the same as it was a few years ago. With the number of vehicles on the rise, major junctions in the city are experiencing severe traffic congestions. The junctions at Ramatalkies, Jagadamba, and areas of Seethampeta, Dwarakanagar, and others prove to be too stringent to allow a smoother flow of traffic and lack of proper traffic sense by many worsens the situation.

Parking Troubles

If driving on Visakhapatnam roads wasn’t bad enough, finding a suitable parking space is a nightmare come true and consequent traffic dilemmas. As cars jam into every possible inch of space on either side of the road, people often have to travel an extra mile or even more just to find a spot. This can be difficult for the vehicle owner and it is worse for all those who are forced to either navigate amongst haphazardly parked vehicles or risk walking on the road itself. This besides the choke points of traffic that happen through this.

Stray Dogs

Areas like Akkayapalem, Visalakshi Nagar, Seethammadhara and Chinna Waltair have seen a sudden growth in the dogs on the street which causes a lot of problems. People have been complaining of the menacing spread by the stray animals and different accidents have been recorded in different areas respectively.

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