Special Care Being Taken To Help Zoo Animals Beat Summer Heat

Zoo animals vizag summer heat

The authorities of the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park are taking special care to ensure that the animals and birds in their enclosures do not suffer from dehydration. The summer heat is effecting Visakhapatnam in an adverse way and the authorities are also ensuring that visitors to the zoo do not suffer either.

The zoological park spans across 625 acres of land facing the sea and is home to 153 types of animals belonging to 100 different species. These animals are now bring fed a special hydrating diet of musk melon, watermelon and cucumber. Vitamin C supplements are being fed to overcome electrolyte disorders caused due to humidity. Coconut water, B complex syrups and thermo care liquid that can be dissolved in water are being administered to the animals to increase the immunity levels.

Fans and coolers have also been reportedly installed for the comfort of the animals. Diluted anti-depressants are also being given to the birds and so far they have managed to keep heat related casualties to bay at the zoo. In the absence of Vitamin C supplements and fluids, there’s a chance of the animals falling sick.

The enclosures of rhesus monkey, bonnet monkey, and sloth bear do not have shelters, exposing them to the hot sun, as these animals could make use of the shelters to escape their enclosures. The doors of the chimpanzees’ enclosures are being kept open so that they remain comfortable. Good news is that the authorities have managed to keep causalities at the zoo due to summer heat at bay with all these measures in place.

For visitors, two tap connections have been installed in the vast zoo for supplying drinking water. Six RO plants and 18 drinking water plants have also been installed. Caps are also being sold at the main gate at a discount for visitors. These measures will all remain in place till the first week of July.

Story Credit: The Hans India

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