Major Medical breakthrough: Youngest premature baby survives in Vizag

baby girl, visakhapatnam
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In a major medical breakthrough, a 24-week baby survived in Visakhapatnam, making it the youngest premature baby to survive in the state of Andhra Pradesh. According to the doctors at the MyCure hospital in Visakhapatnam, it has been learned that the baby boy, who was conceived through IVF at the Vizag IVF Centre, weighed 650 gm as compared to the average weight of 2-3 kg at birth.

As per a report in The Hindu, the doctors said that the chances of survival of such babies is minimal even by western standards and has been made possible only due to the advances in medical care at the hospital.

Dr. Sai Sunil Kishore, neonatologist, told the media persons that Nagalakshmi was married for 15 years and had no issues. She and her husband decided to opt for In vitro fertilisation (IVF) and it turned out to be a nightmare for Mrs. Nagalakshmi when the baby was born nearly 4 months before the due date. Due to this, she had rupture of membranes and pregnancy could not be continued any further.

Dr. Sai Sunil Kishore added, “The baby’s lungs and other organs were functionally immature, development was stunted and he was prone to severe infections besides having extremely low immunity. The baby was put on ventilator support for 18 days, nutrition was given through veins for two weeks and care was taken to ensure proper development of the organs.”

The boy has been discharged earlier this week after a two-and-a-half-month careat the hospital.

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