World Suicide Prevention Day


Suicide is a very common incident nowadays. Every now and then we hear that a person has committed suicide in some part of the world. Everyone has a different reason for taking this drastic step in their lives.

The main reasons for committing suicide are depression, a traumatic experience, substance abuse, loneliness, psychological disorders and terminal illness. The major reason is obviously depression. People do not treat depression the way it has to be.

The impact of suicide is even worse. The person who has committed suicide leaves his/her family and loved ones.  They feel guilty from not realizing the problem of their loved ones or not helping them in time. They also feel angry towards that person who chose to take his/her life. They feel confused and distressed. Parents who lose a child to suicide feel the pain beyond imagination. They tend to be more depressed. There is no greater pain than losing a child.

What can we do to help

A suicidal person might not ask for help, that doesn’t mean help is unwanted. They commit suicide to stop the pain. We must spread awareness to at least let those people know that we care.

Just like the breast cancer awareness, suicide awareness also has a ribbon- colour of choice is purple and turquoise. These two colors symbolize “awareness” and “prevention”. They are a great way to get people talking about a subject that they might otherwise never consider unless it personally strikes their life.

Speak to people you think are suffering, make them realize their self-worth. Make them think that this not the end of the world and there are people out there who care about them.

There are several helplines through which you can talk to people and reach out for their help.

This World Suicide Prevention Day, spread hope.

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