Huge water tanks to be constructed on AU Convention Centre in Vizag

In view of water conservation, the officials of Andhra University have been taking measures to reduce the usage of underground water. Rainwater management techniques are being implemented at the AU Convention Centre on the beach road, in Vizag.

The recently constructed AU Convention Centre has its rooftop spread over 20,000 sqft. The water used here during the meetings is estimated to be in thousands of litres. The engineers have developed a blueprint of two tankers which would store rainwater on the rooftop.

The tanks would be constructed in such a way that a 15 minutes rainfall would help in filling the tanks completely. The cost of the project is Rs 2.50 Lakhs.

Each tank would be having a capacity to store 10000 litres of water. The stored water would be used for watering plants and bathroom purposes. 10000 litres is needed for watering plants and with the facility of the tanks, usage of groundwater would decrease. In the coming days of monsoon, Lakhs of litres could be stored.

The engineers did not have an idea of such during the construction of AU Convention Centre. AU Chief Engineer, Madhavbabu said, ” The construction work of the tankers will commence soon.”

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