Walk your worries away at Sagar Nagar Beach

Sagar Nagar Beach Vizag

It is a fact that life is full of worries and hardships. Every individual needs a break every now and then, to just walk their worries away. While Vizagities are blessed with the sea shore, the famous RK Beach is always crowded and polluted. While there are many other famous beaches in Vizag, the Sagar Nagar beach is the least talked about.

Located at 9 kilometers from the RK Beach, the Sagar Nagar beach is very less polluted and is less crowded. The blue water in the beach gives scenic views in the noon time which gradually appears greenish blue in the evening times. The best time to visit this beach is during the wee hours of the day when sun is rising.


Water sports like paragliding takes place and one can enjoy the eagle’s eye view of the sea and the city. Taking walk on the beach with bare feet is enough to relax your mind. This will not only freshen up your mood but will also give you a feeling of positivity.

Sagar Nagar Beach makes a great place to sit on the soft cold sand and read a book from your favorite author. Besides, it a great place to sit with your loved ones and enjoy sunrise. The cold sand at dawn is more comfortable than a bed and the sun’s glare on the sea water is something that satisfies your eyes. Although the water here is not rough, it is not recommended to go swimming and surfing.

This beautiful place always welcomes tourists and locals with its beautiful views and the cold breeze. This place is extremely photogenic and the coast is clean and suitable for a family day out. While a lot of people do not visit this place, there is hardly any debris found on the beach.

So next time if you plan to visit a beach, do try the Sagar Nagar beach and we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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