Vizag Zoo To Have Frog Enclosure


After recently reopnening the Butterfly park, which was wrecked during Hud Hud, Visakhapatnam’s Indira Zoological Park is all set to glorify its animal species collection by adding a Frog Enclosure to the Zoo. Vizag’s Zoo is going to be the second to display an enclosure of this kind after the one in Coimbatore.

Frogs play a crucial role in the ecosystem however around 200 species are in the danger of extinction owing to global warming, pollution and such hazards. We planned to set up a Frog Enclosure in the Zoo in a few months. Barely needing 1 lakh and a little space, different species can be procured from the surroundings and will be kept in six cubicles near the nocturnal animal house.” says Vizag Zoo curator, B. Vijaya Kumar.

Well, just a few more months and these amphibious creatures will be awaiting your visit in the Zoo!

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