4 yummy food dishes that you must try in Vizag

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What would we not give to treat our taste buds to some mouth-watering flavours? However, many a time, we find ourselves in a fix when we fall short of options. Worry no more as we bring you a unique and an exclusive food story. Here are 4 yummy food dishes you can’t miss in Vizag.

#1 Ulavacharu Biryani

A unique combo of the tangy Ulavacharu served with a spicy Chicken Biryani. Typical to the Telugu speaking states, this dish guarantees an explosion of flavours in your mouth.
Where: D Cabana, Sagar Nagar, Vizag

#2 Kulcha Chole

The butter-slathered kulche are perfectly crisp on the outside and soft inside. Authentic chole topped with yummy pudina chutney tastes best when accompanied with lemon and onions.
Where: Ladoo Gopal, Siripuram, Vizag

#3 Natukodi Fry

Fiery hot and spicy, this simple and wholesome dish of the state is something you wouldn’t want to miss. With a juicy inside, the specially-made country chicken is tempered with curry leaves for an extra edge in the flavour.
Where: Executive Court, Waltair Uplands, Vizag

#4 Barbequed Cottage Cheese Steak

Grilled cottage cheese stacked with a filling of creamed corn and spinach does make the mouth water. The homemade Barbeque sauce adds an extra zing. Served with grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes on the side, it makes for a well-rounded meal.
Where: Upland Bistro, Siripuram, Vizag

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