GVMC, the persevering Vizag change agent since pre-Independence

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GVMC, created for Madras Presidency, serving Vizag tirelessly!!

In the year 1858, the first voluntary Municipal Association to meet the civic requirements, under the Madras Presidency, was set up. This was later changed in 1865, with three members and the District Collector as the Ex-officio President, and was called municipality of Vizagapatam.  This resulted in the formation of a new council with five English officers, Mr. C A Krem as Chairman, Mr. V P Murre as Vice Chairman, and members Mr. I N Treader, Mr. Achramep and Mr. M M A Adeplu.

Expansion mode on –

A few changes were made in 1884, with the municipal area divided into six wards for electoral purposes and the election of the Chairman and Vice Chairman. By 1920, the number of members increased to 28. As times changed and industrialization came about, the municipality grew to a Corporation with 50 wards, which was increased again with the merging of the Gajuwaka Municipality and the surrounding 32 villages. This drastic increase resulted in the corporation being renamed the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) with 72 wards and 6 zones covering a population of 17 lakhs.

Nitty-gritties of the Municipal Mammoth –

The Municipal Corporation is divided into two wings, The Administrative Setup and the Executive Wing. The Administrative set up includes the corporation, standing committee and the Commissioner. The Corporation was upgraded to Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation in 2005, with the first elections taking place in February 2007. The present strength of the Corporation is 88 members including Corporators, Co Option Members, M P’s, M L C, and M L A’s.  The Standing Committee in turn has 7 members including the Chairman of the committee. The city of Vizag has been divided into 6 ward committees with 10-12 wards I each zone. The Chairman for each ward is elected by the corporators.  The Executive Wing has the Commissioner as the Chief Executive of the Corporation, appointed by the Government. The commissioner plays a major role in formulating, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the various programmes, schemes, and projects of the Corporation.

Beauty belies the Beast –

The places to see and visit in GVMC include Kailasagiri, with its manicured lawns and a life size sculpture of Siva and Parvati. The Submarine Museum along the beautiful Ramakrishna Beach,  Simhachalam Temple, Andhra University, with a long and illustrious history, Mecca Masjid, the oldest and the largest mosques in Vizag among others.

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